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St. John River toward Baker Brook, NB
St. John River toward
Baker Brook, NB

Traditional Acadian dress
Traditional Acadian dress

The Voici the Valley Cultureway and the Voici the Valley Audio Story and Guide were created by Sheila Jans, Don Cyr, and Daniel Picard of CultureWorth. CultureWorth is an alliance of professionals who focus on cultural development in rural communities. ()

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Website development by Steve Michaud with art direction by Daniel Picard. Production of the audio story by Rob Rosenthal of Shunpike Audio.

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Maine Acadian Heritage Council
The Maine Acadian Heritage Council is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1997 whose mission is to preserve and promote the French Acadian culture of Northern Maine. It has a membership of municipalities, chambers of commerce, historical societies, and cultural organizations in the St. John Valley. ()

Quebec-Labrador Foundation
Established in 1961, the Quebec-Labrador Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organization in the US and a registered charity in Canada. Its mission is to support the rural communities and environment of eastern Canada and New England, and to create models for stewardship of natural resources and cultural heritage that can be applied worldwide. ()

National Endowment for the Arts, Quebec-Labrador Foundation, Maine Community Foundation, Northern Maine Development Commission, Maine Arts Commission, Maine Humanities Council, Maine Office of Tourism, Le Club Français, Northern Forest Partnership Program, Town of Madawaska, Picard Family Reunion Committee, New Century Community Program, Town of Cyr Plantation, Town of Ste-Agathe, Fraser Papers Limited, Allagash Historical Society.

This website was made possible by the Maine Humanities Council ().

Photo credit: Map courtesy National Park Service, banner photo by Daniel Picard.