Experience the international St. John Valley
Places and culture of the St. John Valley, where Maine meets New Brunswick

Map of New England highlighting the Saint John Valley. Map courtesy National Park Service.
The St. John Valley is defined in the shaded area of this map.

Welcome to the St. John Valley, which we fondly call “the Valley.” You’ll find us where the United States and Canada meet along the St. John River, the international border. Here at the top of the state of Maine, the province of New Brunswick is our neighbor. Around 55,000 people mostly of French heritage live here.

Voici the Valley Cultureway celebrates the places and culture of the international St. John Valley on both sides of the St. John River. Drive along the river and experience a hundred miles of natural beauty, cultural and historic sites, and the Valley way of life!

Acadian Village near Van Buren, Maine. Photo by Don Cyr.
Acadian Village near
Van Buren, ME
The Cultureway is charted like a big figure-8 loop with two self-guided tours – a Down River Tour in the east, and an Up River Tour in the west, each crossing the international border. Because the Cultureway is self-guided, there’s no hard and fast rule on how to follow the tours. Start and end anywhere you like!

The Voici the Valley Audio Story and Guide was created to enrich your experience of the St. John Valley.

Voici is pronounced “vwah-see.” Voici the Valley means “Here is the Valley”... a name that reflects the French and English spoken here.

Last updated: March 17, 2023